The Official Printing Calculators Site. ELECTRONIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS; ALL ELECTRONIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Casio HR-170RC Printing Calculator. Dual Power, Two-color Printing, Easy-to-read Display, Sign Change, Compact - 12 Digits - LCD - AC Supply/Battery Powered - 4 - AA - 2.6" x 6.5" x 11.6" - Black - Portable - 1 Each. Item: CSOHR170RC. Compact size stores easily for quick transportation. 2-color printer helps prevent costly reading errors.. HR 150 TM PRINTING CALCULATOR. Compact Type. 2-color printing. 2.4 line-per-second printing. 67.4 (H) × 196 (W) × 317 (D) mm. Buy Now Quantity is greater than the 14 currently in stock. HR-170RC Printing | Casio USA Printing Calculator Casio HR-150LC PLUS Desktop Business 2 Color No AC Adapter . $13.99 + shipping.

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